The Highest Rated Polyurethane Memory Foam Pillows

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The memory foam pillow is a pillow made of slow-rebound polyurethane foam material. Its function is not to increase people's memory but because the pillows used frequently form the inherent shape of the head and neck. Memory foam pillows are mostly slow rebound pillows.

  • raw material: polyurethane flexible foam
  • colour: white
  • shape: customized
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    Memory foam, also called slow rebound, is an open cell structure. It has the characteristics of temperature decompression. It can also be referred to as a temperature-sensing decompression material. This material is applied to the space shuttle to protect the astronaut’s spine in order to relieve the pressure on the astronaut, especially when the space shuttle returns and leaves the ground. The pressure on the astronaut is the most dangerous. In order to protect the safety of astronauts, this material was invented.


    The so-called temperature sense refers to the induction of human body temperature. Decompression is the absorption of human pressure. When the human body touches the material, the material will sense the temperature of the human body, gradually become softer, and at the same time absorb the pressure of the human body, thereby adjusting the human body to the most comfortable posture.


    What is shown on the mattress and pillow is that when a person is lying on the mattress and pillow, the spine is a natural physiological bending state when lying on the back, and the spine is not bent when lying on the side. At the same time, the mattress and pillow have no pressure on the human body.


    Generally has the following characteristics:
    1. Absorb impact force. The pillow feels like it is floating on the water or the cloud, and the skin does not feel compressed; also known as zero pressure. Sometimes we use the normal pillow to press the pinna, but the slow rebound pillow will not appear This situation.
    2. Memory deformation. The ability of automatic shaping can fix the head and reduce the possibility of falling pillow; the ability of automatic shaping can properly fill the gap of the shoulder, avoid the common problems of air leakage at the shoulder, and can effectively prevent cervical problems.
    3. Anti-bacteria and anti-mite. Slow-rebound sponges inhibit the growth of molds and expel the irritating odors generated by the growth and reproduction of molds. They appear more prominent when there are sweaty saliva.
    4. Breathable and hygroscopic. Since each cell unit is interconnected, it has excellent hygroscopic performance and is also breathable.


    Any shape and with cool gel pad pillow are all available

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  • 1.Are you factory or trading company?

    We are professional factory in PU industry with more than 10 years experience, covering high pressure pouring machine,low pressure foaming machine, pu spraying foam machine,pu elastomer casting machine and production line for flexible foam products like PU shoe /sole/insole,anti-fatigue mat, memory pillow, elastic stress ball, car seat and cushion,pu slow rebound ear plugs; also rigid foam products production line: PU decorative molding crown cornice line, float trowel making line, cold storage panel production line, sandwich panel production line, last not the least, elastomer product: forklift wheel casting line, coal sieve screen select line and so on.

    2.Where is your factory ?

    Our Factory is located in Wuxi city, Jiangsu Province.

    3.How can i get your factory?

    By air: You can take a plan to WUXI airport from China, if you fly from Korea ,Japan, USA, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand you will can directly fly to us.

    By Train: You can stop at WUXI station, Not WUXI EAST station.

    4.Do you provide pick-up service?

    Yes, of course. If you are in Wuxi airport or station, we can arrange a special car to pick you up directly to our factory.

    5.What is the PU raw material used with this polyurethane/polyurea foam casting machine?

    Polyurethane which has two components polyol and isocyanate(poly and iso/mdi). Polyurea also can be used which helps to waterproofing and Anticorrosion and rust prevention. Polyurethane can be divided into two kinds, flexible foam and rigid foam. And flexible foam or rigid foam also has two kinds, open cell foam and closed cell foam.

    6.If I need to develop a special PU raw material formula solution based on my product, can you provide it?

    Yes, we can. We have technical team of chemical engineers and process engineers, all of whom have more than 20 years of experience in PU industry. We can independently develop raw material soluation like polyurethane rigid foam, polyurethane flexible foam, polyurethane integral skin foam and polyurea to meet customer’ s requirements.

    7.What is the application of PU foam machine?

    PU spray foaming machine has two functions:
    Spraying: building exterior wall coating, interior wall coating, roof spray, cold spray, cold storage spray, cabin coating, tank body coating, industrial anti corrosion, etc.
    Casting: solar water heater, insulation water tank, cabin, roller shutter door, security door, refrigerator, pipe joints, product packaging, highway construction, wall sound insulation, etc.

    PU polyurethane foam injeciton machine can make pu rigid foam products like pu crown molding, pu bed sets, pu plastering float, pu coldroom panel; pu flexible foam products like car seat cushion and car headsets, memory foam pillow, slow rebound ear plugs, pu stress ball and kids toy; pu elastomer products like forklift wheel, rollers, sieve screen and so on.

    You need to tell us specific machine application and budget, to spray or cast, then we can recommend suitable machine for you.

    8.How long is your polyurethane foam casting machine warranty?

    1 year. Within one yea, if it is not man-made damage, we will provide free replacement parts, but the shipping cost needs to be paied by the customer.

    9.How to solve the polyurethane foaming machine failure?

    For pu spraying machine: If there are quality problems with accessories during the one-year warranty period, we can provide replacement parts for free. If there are operations or other problems, you can send photos or videos to us, we will consult our engineers to help you solve the problem.

    For high/low pressure foam dispensing machine, elastomer casting machine and other production line: our machine all have remote maintenance and diagnosis function. You can also send us pictures or videos, our engineers can help to solve the problems via pictures and videos.

    10.What if I don’t install it after I get the polyurethane pouring machine? Do you offer installation services?

    Yes, we supply video technical support. If your company has engineer, you can come to our factory, we will provide field installation, commissioning and training. Of course, our engineers are available to service machinery overseas.

    11.What is your packaging of your PU foam injection machine?

    The normal package is wooden box (Size: L*W*H). If export to European countries, the wooden box will be fumigated. If container is too tighter, we will use PE film for packing or pack it according to customers special request.

    12.What transport methods do you have for your polyurethane foam making machine?

    For polyurethane foam spray machine, sea and air transportation are both available. For high/low pressure foam machine and other bigger machine, only sea transportation is accepted. But for little accessories of the machine like spray gun and mixing head, express is also ok.

    13.Can I be your agent in our own country?

    We already have some agents of pu spray machine, high/low pressure foam injection machine, pu elastomer casting machine around word like Pakistan, Iran, Malaysia, Algeria and so on, if you are interested, you can send your intentions with your company’s information and personal contact details, then we will email you our requirements to check if we can cooperate.

    14.How can I buy your pu foam machine and pay for the money?

  • Write your message here and send it to us